The Audio-Technica AT2020 Studio condenser microphone is great for vocal and general instrument recording in project and professional studios. This is a great alternative to the Audio-Technica AT2035 that I use.


The Audio- Technica AT2020 sets a new standard of performance and quality in studio condenser microphones at this price level. Its low-mass diaphragm is custom made for extended frequency response and superior transient response. With a very low intrinsic noise level, it is perfectly suited to current digital recording equipment. This microphone offers a wide Dynamic range, and easily holds high sound pressure levels. Its rugged construction is designed to last For years.

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is a high value side-address studio condenser microphone technology. Ideal for project or home studios.

  • XLR Connector.
  • Supplied with a stand mount for 5/8 inch-27 threaded stands and a 5/8 inch -27 to 3/8 inch -16 threaded adapter.
  • Complete with soft protective pouch.