Meant for Descent is a YouTube channel. I started it because I enjoy riding and creating. It’s a learning journey and has helped me to develop new skills and focus on some of the things that I enjoy.

Like a lot of YouTube creators, I have a full time job and use that income to cover the cost of running this channel: things like fuel, travel costs, production equipment and this web site.

Ultimately, I want this channel to be the best I can make it, so I spend time learning how to improve the way I edit and I want to introduce new production methods to make my footage more entertaining; things like capturing higher quality audio and making use of multiple cameras to create a more immersive narrative, for example.

Receiving good feedback and positive comments is hugely rewarding and is the thing that spurs me on to invest more of my time in understanding how to tell better stories. It’s going to take time, however, to introduce things like drone footage because if the financial implications, but it will happen eventually.

If you want to support this channel so I can make these changes more quickly there are a few ways you can help.

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Where next?

My next production goal is to be able to film drone footage. This will add an extra dimension to my videos and help to make them more entertaining and more interesting.

Having a small, lightweight drone will allow me to film better b-roll footage when I’m out on the trail, as well as enabling me show the places I visit in new, more creative ways.

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